Portfolio Update Okt and Nov 2020

I was lazy the last months. Mostly due to the stock market ralley I did not pay enough attention to my P2P assets. This time I will cover two months in my update, December will be covered in a whole year update. Regarding new Investments no big news! I am still very unhappy with Mintos and quiet happy with Twino and Peerberry, but let´s have a look at the numbers.

PlatformIncome OktIncome NovBalance
DoFinance * 13,75 €18,54€ 10.440€
Iuvo* 7,35 €6,61 € 4.035 €
Bondora 101,63 €97,22 € 11.387 €
Mintos* 82,23 €75,21 € 15.875 €
Twino 42,95 €53,95 € 10.666€
Auxmoney &
Fellow Finance*
15,60 €15,28 € 2.010 €
Finbee* 34,58 €24,73 € 1.753 €
Estateguru* 41,81 €20,3 € 2.342 €
Lenndy 25,3 €26,1 € 2.909 €
Swaper 23,65 €18,65 € 1.647 €
Peerberry 61,52 €70,63 € 7.099 €
Sum 451,71 €428,82 70.163 €
*Platforms where I not invest in new loans currently.

Almost another -20% interest from last month September. Alot of “stuck” money on Mintos and IUVO. Additional I invested new money on Peerberry and Twino which will receive interest by December

I will mention only platforms where I am actively investing or something mentioning happened.


Still dissapointed, still not much to say about this mess, still will not invest until the issues are resolved. I did withdraw even more money from the page. Absolutely nothing has happend to fund in recovery in the last month. The ask Mintos anything was completely for vain.

Not much to say about Mintos, I am disappointed and I will stop investing until the issues are resolved.

Do Finance:

The good news is I was able to withdraw 500€ and the repayments have increased. The bad news is the Christmas Joke. On 24th of December about 60% of my portfolio were repayed. But this was a technical error and since yesterday the page is down. That´s worth a seperate blog post anyway…

Auxmoney & Fellow Finance::

Both are running out and bring a few € every month. No big news but don´t seem to be affected by the crisis.


Twino ran smooth throughout the whole Corona Crisis and I am increasing every month for December I should even reach above 80€ in interest.


Not sure about the plans of Bondora. They have reduced G&G deposit another time. Doesn´t bother me much but does´t build a lot trust either. I am just watching my remaining amount running out.


I mentioned in my month summary from August that I will not invest anymore with loans at 9%. Yet I kept my Auto Invest at 11%+ and all my money got invested. Peerberry is still running very well and I even increased my portfolio.

My takeaways:

While Bondora and Mintos struggle some small platforms surge. Interesting times ahead, when countries reduce and cut their COVID19 help. I am not sure how to proceed with P2P, as a expect a lot of new troubles within the next year. Nothing is certain and a huge insolvency wave might swap above many countries. Are you still increasing your investments within the next year ?

Have a nice week!



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