Portfolio Update Okt and Nov 2020

I was lazy the last months. Mostly due to the stock market ralley I did not pay enough attention to my P2P assets. This time I will cover two months in my update, December will be covered in a whole year update. Regarding new Investments no big news! I am still very unhappy with Mintos […]


Portfolio Update September 2020

Another month another platfrom I will not invest anymore. Last month I decided to tighten my portfolio and stop investing on 7 platforms. This month I am fed up with Mintos. As long as nothing happens on the funds in recovery, I will not invest in new loans. Platform Income Balance DoFinance * 14,75 € […]

The box of Bondora

My first loan Bondora was bought in May 2013, back then it was called Isepankur. Interest rates were insanely high in comparison to the German platform I knew, ranging around 20-35%.Auto Invest and G&G did not exist and solid profit was possible. Lucky times! I have stopped to invest on the primary market more than […]

Do Finance Update

As you might know Do Finance is my #1 when it comes to troubled platforms. Therefore everything related to it has my attention. What has happend since my last post ? Do Finance released two new blog post since my initial report. Post #1: “As most of investors are requesting small amounts every other day […]


Portfolio Update August 2020

Welcome to my first portfolio update. Almost a month late but I made it at least before September ended. One reason to start this blog was to keep track record of my portfolio! To be honest I was lazy in the last years. I did regular updates only once a year and did not spend […]

Offtopic: Short on Tesla

Please note! Without several years experience on the stock market do not touch leveraged Options / Futures. I have not written about my stock market activities yet and options trading is probably not a good starter. But to the Tesla -20% loss on 08.09.2020 and with my sceptics on the tesla market valuation I wanted […]

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