Portfolio Update September 2020

Another month another platfrom I will not invest anymore. Last month I decided to tighten my portfolio and stop investing on 7 platforms. This month I am fed up with Mintos. As long as nothing happens on the funds in recovery, I will not invest in new loans.

DoFinance * 14,75 € 10.764 €
Iuvo* 8,36 € 4021 €
Bondora 100,75 € 11.387 €
Mintos* 176,73 € 17.403 €
Twino 39.43 € 4.543 €
Auxmoney* 2,58€ 363 €
Fellow Finance* 16,9€ 2.361 €
Finbee* 32,58 € 3.183 €
Estateguru* 17,3 € 1.888 €
Lenndy 20,3 € 2.940 €
Swaper 73,98 7.308 €
Peerberry 40,52 6.865 €
Sum 544,21€ 73.026 €
*Platforms where I not invest in new loans currently.

-20% interest from last month. Mostly due to the “stuck” money on Mintos, IUVO (10k lying around without interest) and the 10k withdrawal on Mintos.

I will mention only platforms where I am actively investing or something mentioning happened.


Not much to say about Mintos, I am disappointed and I will stop investing until the issues are resolved. I was able to withdraw 11k from Mintos and my Recovery / Total Invest Ratio looks really bad now. Absolutely nothing has happend to fund in recovery in the last month. There´s a ask Mintos anything session ahead about funds in recovery on 22.10. I´m looking forward to it.

Do Finance:

In September I received 14,75€ interest on Do Finance and around 400€ of loan Repayments. I was able to withdraw 500€ my total invest is now 10.743! Makes me laugh that they still mention their buyback everywhere.


Already made a post about my Auxmoney time. Just a few € every month. I will remove Auxmoney from the table next month.

Fellow Finance:

Interest of 16,9€ from Fellow Finance and I was also able to withdraw another batch of 500€.


Twino ran smooth throughout the whole Corona Crisis. I got 39.43 € in interested and will deposit more funds this month.


Wrote already a post about the situation on Bondora a week ago. I will remain as investor on the secondary and the G&G. No positive returns on the primary market possible.


Just keeps running despite the crisis. I think a will have to take another look at this maybe I will restart investing. Interest of 32.58 €.


Lenndy also runs like a clockwork, though many loans are late, but that was also the case before the crisis.


I mentioned in my month summary from August that I will not invest anymore with loans at 9%. Yet I kept my Auto Invest at 11%+ and all my money got invested. If Peerberry can keep this interest level I will remain.

My takeaways:

It´s interesting how some small and non buyback platforms have gone through the crisis. In the Sepember Volumes the biggest losses are for Mintos and Bondora. While Twino, Swaper, Finbee Peerberry have restored or even increased their volume. Considering the high amount of interest Finbee delivered in the last months, I will rethink my decision to leave.

Have a nice week!



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