Portfolio Update August 2020

Welcome to my first portfolio update. Almost a month late but I made it at least before September ended.

One reason to start this blog was to keep track record of my portfolio! To be honest I was lazy in the last years. I did regular updates only once a year and did not spend time on platforms which ran well.

The last number I had in my mind was from Jan. 2020 around 120k € with 40k on Mintos. I knew I had withdrawn a huge amount, but to my own surprise I dropped even below 100k€.

I will cover platforms I exited in first place. The other will get a separate post.

DoFinance 14,95 € 11.125 €
Iuvo 43,36 € 4.016 €
Bondora 105,95 € 11.387 €
Mintos 276,73 € 28.403 €
Twino 46.43 € 4.543 €
Auxmoney 4,57€ 380 €
Fellow Finance 19,3€ 2.356 €
Finbee 32,2 € 3.183 €
Estateguru 19,2 € 2.029 €
Lenndy 27,3 € 2.917 €
Swaper 83,36 7.660 €
Peerberry 71,02 6.815 €
Sum 744,37€ 84.814 €
Withdraw almost 40% of my P2P assets within the last 9 Months

744,37€ interest for August I can almost pay my rent with P2P income. Which was one of my initial goals.

Why exit on Platforms ?

It is difficult to keep track of more than a dozen portfolios, just like owning too many stocks. My initial reason was diversification and to some extend bonus hopping.

There are platforms like Auxmoney, Finbee, Fellow Finance which I left years ago, however the process is still ongoing and will take many years.

Furthermore platforms which I consider solid but are too time consuming or just to not offer the minimum interest I want. Like Estateguru and Peerbeery.

And some platforms where I just want to get my money out like Do Finance and IUVO.

Fellow Finance:

A solid finish platform, I stopped investing in 2019, I wasn´t happy with the returns and the effort loan search is too much. No Buyback, initial investment about 14.000€. Just running out.


Already made a post about my Auxmoney time. Just a few € every month.

Do Finance:

Covered in my first blog post. Still in with 10k € hoping to get them out, somehow. “Buyback” is no Buyback, nothing more to say


A solid platform, yet stopped investing. Not enough projects for me to invest. I always had the problem that money was lying around. Just as example right now 3 Open Projects.


A solid platform with good returns, though investing took a lot of time, exited since July 2019.


A platform I would not recommend. In general every platform operating on the polish market is problematic. I´ll probably do a separate post on the situation at IUVO.


Not much to complain about Peerberry. Risk/ Reward does not work for me with new loans from 9% – 10%. If rates are back to 12% I will consider investing again.

So 7 of 12 are out. A good start for a cleanout, my portfolio was a mess. After Marie Kondo left, Bondora, Mintos, Twino, Lenndy and Swaper remain, maybe also Peerberry if interest rates rise again.

Bondora and Mintos are question marks for me. On Bondora I have my doubt´s that positive returns are possible beyond Go&Grow. On Mintos I wouldn´t invest in anything without consulting P2P Explorer Ratings.

Where should the money go ?

With all the withdrawn money, the questions arises “Where shall I invest ?” I will not follow the P2P Crowd and invest in Lendermarket like many P2P blogs. Yes, the 2% Promo is attractive but the last time I made purely promo based investments was Do Finance, which did not work well. I will try out Lendermarket later with a small amount.

Where do you invest money in the current P2P and Stock market situation ?

Have a nice week!



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