Starting a blog in the COVID Crisis ?

It is probably not the easiest time to start a blog but a very interesting one.

My name is Matt, I´m a 35 Years old IT engineer from Austria. I wouldn´t consider myself part of the FIRE or living frugal movement, but since my first job, I invested about 50% of my monthly income in P2P or ETFs. I would just call myself just a scrooge.

Why skin in the game ?

Skin in the game refers to my Investment and Blog philosophy. There are a lots of Investment Blogs with the main purpose of “Blogging about investing” but not investing. This one should be different, I will only write about Platforms where I am deeply invested in. In general, my investment goal is around 5k-20k per platform. My circle of compentency is mostly about P2P loans. I started to invest in 2009 with Auxmoney and later Isepankur ( today called Bondora) and I really made alot of stupid mistakes…

Today I manage a P2P Portfolio of 150k+ split on a dozen of different plattforms. I was very lucky to avoid many bullets! Never invested into Envestio, Kuetzal or other frauds. Anyways I will start with two questionable investments Do Finance and Mintos in the next week.