Do Finance Update

As you might know Do Finance is my #1 when it comes to troubled platforms. Therefore everything related to it has my attention.

What has happend since my last post ?

Do Finance released two new blog post since my initial report.

Post #1: “As most of investors are requesting small amounts every other day and costs of transactions is very high, we changed the minimum amount from 10 EUR to 30 EUR.”

Does not bother me much, as due to my investment amount, my payouts are larger. What bothers me more is the portfolio overview they released. Of 3,356 Millions in loans, only 683 are current, 80% overdue and most of it 91+. Additionally in Poland is almost every loan 91+ Late

Post #2: Was a general post on the COVID Situation in Indonesia and Poland. Considering the fact that we have already a second COVID wave rolling, it´s news from yesterday…

In a nutshell they ramp up the Indonesia market but no high hopes for Poland. I wonder how short term loan financing is done in Poland currently. At least the online market is completely dead. Are people financing loans in pawn shops ?

My Account:

In September I got 449.46€ ~ 4% of my total assets! Another 25 MONTHS if we continue that pace. 14€ were profit interest, I do not expect to receive any late interest fees.

I tried to make a payout let´s see if that works ;-). Have you paid out anything lately and if yes how long did it take ?

As long as money keeps flowing monthly I will stay optimistic!

Have a nice Weekend!



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